Monday, August 31, 2009

My writing world...

Not much is happening in my writing world.

I got my statements from PublishAmerica from "The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight" and "Daysong of the Knightbird". I haven't sold any in the past six months, bummer. I'm still looking into rewriting both and offering them up to a different publisher. Book three, "Feathers of a Dancer" is done in rough, so I ready to do master editing in it. I posted a chapter on a critic site by no suggestions were offered.

I released "The Haunting of Night" last October to no reveiws at all. Still like working on those short stories though. It is available at ~ CrazyDragon Bookstore

Love to all...

Monday, March 31, 2008


I have a new favorite show now. Since the writer's strike, the networks had to fill in for some of the shows. CBS dragged "Dexter" over from Showtime to fill in where "Shark" was on Sunday nights. I'm sure it was put through the censor before going out on air.

Dexter is about a serial killer. Not just any serial killer but one who kills those who really deserve it. The cool thing about show is that you accually get into Dexter's head. I don't have Showtime (and can't afford it) so seeing the oringinal series is a 'no go', but I have noticed that the series is out on DVD now. It might be something to look into.

Love to all... Laurlee

Monday, January 28, 2008

To remind you...

"E'Mor's Romances ~ Star'Leen" and "The Touch of Trinity" are NO LONGER available at Forbidden Publications. Their contracts have been treminated by Rene. They are only available at the Crazy Dragon Bookstore.

Still moving on from here.

For those of you who have wondered if I'm still around...I am. I have become very leary about e-publishing. I have been burned a couple of times. I know I should let it go, but that is something that only time can heal.

Most of my writing now is at my store... Crazy Dragon Bookstore so if your looking for it, well that is where it ended up.

What have I been doing? I have been writing, just at a slower pace then I did. Still working on "Feathers of a Dancer" and book one of the "Quadstar Legacy". I'm still seriously thinking of moving away from romance. If this happens "E'Mor's Romances" will be come "E'Mor's Journey", but that is all still in the thinking stage. I have no real deadline for any of this. I have heard very little (to nothing) at all about how either one of my series are doing well, or even if there is a fan base for them

...again, time will tell.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I set up an account with I believe it is connected with your local librarys.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Something sad in my book...

You know, I'm the last person who should be judging anyone, but this evening I seen something sad, in my book at least.

I was surfing through the net and came onto some sites I have seen in the past, but I don't hang out at. One was for one of my favorite sci-fi show (I'll leave nameless to avoid finger pointing) I use to watch when I was in school and a whole lot younger.

This site was set up by a true fan (I'm not denying that), but what I seen kind of made me...sad, I think is the word. This fan has over 20 short stories (of which they wrote) about this series. Ok now...I'm a fan and I have done fanfic, but I think it made me sad because...well it's kind of a waste. 20 short stories??? Not to mention, this series is STILL under copyright.

An editor told me once..."You can teach the technique, but not the idea." So I ask...where does it leave this writer?

Just my thought for now..................

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Two New Reviews...

There have been two new reviews posted on-line for "The Touch of Trinity". I really did not know how well this 'one shot' story would do, but both of these reviews are positive. I'm seriously thinking of writing another 'one shot' short story...maybe in time for Halloween.

from Cocktail Reviews

Author: Laurlee Ann Harbig
Publisher: Forbidden Publications

Davin has loved tales of fairies since she was a child, but life has been cruel – her parents dead in a car accident, her boyfriend walking out – and so her belief has been put to the test one too many times. Picking up the pieces, she keeps moving forwards and starts work at a radio station.

Half-Irish Davin has always been able to sense when things are going to happen, and so she’s disgusted but not surprised when Jason, one of the DJs, hits on her. The station hires a new guy, an Irishman by the name of Pan Trinity. That night, Davin dreams of a gorgeous hunk with green eyes – and she’s floored when she meets Pan the next day, who resembles the man she dreamed about.

Pan has come to the US in search of his mother, who abandoned him when he was a baby. He confides to Davin that he’s found his mother in a psychiatric hospital, but she refuses to see him. Davin tries to help, and unwittingly discovers the secret of Pan’s birth…

I liked the motto that weaves through this story: Life has a way of crushing dreams and dreams have a way of ending, but if you keep them safe they will return.

This short tale has plenty of witty one-liners and wry observations that kept me chuckling. Despite its brevity, it’s really quite charming, such as in the scene where Pan explains his unusual name: "I had taken a fondness toward the penny whistle back at the orphanage I was raised at. The good sisters named me Pan after the pagan Greek god." Isn’t that great? I love it! A really nice touch of characterisation.

My favourite line was when Davin’s boss, who good-naturedly letches after her all the time, says: "Nice jeans", to which Davin replies: "Thanks…they come with a chastity belt."

The negatives: Some dodgy editing marred the flow of the writing in places, which was a shame.
Overall, this was an enjoyable, light-hearted ’sweet’ story, more about Davin’s growth and the resurrection of belief in dreams than a true romance. Short and cute.

Review from Cocktail Reviews for "The Touch of Trinity"

from Sensual Reads & Reviews

Davin Ramberg works as an advertising executive for a local radio station.

Pan Trinity is the new DJ for the radio station.

From the first time they meet each other sparks fly. Davin has her hands full with the DJ that Pan is replacing because he was one scary dude. He plans to get even with Davin, but will Pan reach her in time to save her?

Touch Of Trinity is a amazing soul stirring story about the fairies who come to us from Ireland and the people who believe. Laurlee Harbig is whimsically brilliant! She will have you believing in fairies and the bond that only ones in true love can share. I was in awe while reading this fantastic story!

Review from Sensual Reads & Reviews for "The Touch of Trinity"

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

He comes...

He comes ever so silently...

J'ar has inspired a story to himself and it only seen fit to give him a place of his own. He is as real to me as Jesse Knight is. J'ar provokes both pity and horror, but inside he is all gentleman and I welcome him.